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Montclair Family Improv

Enjoy two hours of improv fun, games, and improv exercises for the whole family and connect with your kids in a unique and no-pressure environment.

Join Neal King as he leads families into fun and laughter through gentle instruction of this multi-sensory Improvisational experience. The games and lessons are sandwiched together so that the families are rediscovering each other, absorbing flexibility and problem-solving skills while enhancing interactions that last long after the fun workshop. Location TBA.

Aside from spontaneous laughter, here are some other wonderful benefits:

• Restoring a Sense of Play
• Opening Communication
• Encouraging Creativity
• Putting the Fun Back in Family Time
• Helping Parents Play Again
• Helping Children Communicate
• Restoring Honest Interactions

Neal King, LCSW has developed Improvisational Programs as part of the faculty of The Expressive Therapists Summit (NYC and LA); He conducts Improv groups for social anxiety, confidence building, and improving interaction skills. For more information, visit